How do I add locks?

Select the app you wish to lock then tap the lock button.

How do I change my password?

Head over to the left menu in KeepLock > Settings > Change Password.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Ensure that you have installed the latest KeepLock version then tap on the lock icon. Tap on the icon located in the upper right corner to proceed to the "Forgot Password" page. Tap "Send verification code" and enter the code sent to your recovery email, then proceed to "Reset Password".

Will KeepLock still work if I restart my phone?

Yes, KeepLock will automatically lock your apps when you restart your phone.

Can I disable locks on any apps?

Yes, you can enable/disable the locks anytime.

Can I set a time for when the lock will start after I leave an app for a short while?

You can customize your locks. If you leave an app then return within your set time, you will not need to perform any unlocking motions. This allows you to switch between apps without any hassle.